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April 13th, 2010

02:44 pm - Google it. Seriously.

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April 8th, 2010

01:57 pm - I declare the Spanish Civil War officially over... now.
Final stats!

26 pages, with a total of 8,412 words.

A 5-page bibliography.

6 months of scribbled research notes.

582MB of downloaded periodical articles and books.

A really crappy, uncreative title because my brain is fried. XD

Now...... it's time to hand this baby in, check my snail mail, go for a walk (I hear this awesome thing called "outdoors" exists), and then sleep for 35356 hours.
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April 7th, 2010

09:44 pm - German library: 1. Com: Fail.
OK. So. I'm really stupid.

I've been wanting to get my hands on a particular pamphlet for months. It was published in 1937 as an extra to the Left Review, which was a Communist journal published between 1934 and 1938. This pamphlet was called "Authors Take Sides on the Spanish War, 1937", in which many intellectuals stated their allegiances in the war (pro-Republic (yay Democracy!), pro-Nationalist (boo Facism), or neutral). I had read some excerpts from it in the secondary literature, but I wanted to view the whole of the document myself. Sadly, the library did not have it.

A few minutes ago I was searching for the publication information just to confirm that it was indeed a pamphlet published separately from the regular journal volume. I typed "Authors Take Sides on the Spanish War" into Google... and the SECOND FREAKING RESULT WAS A PDF FILE OF THE PAMPHLET. From a German library website.

So I feel awfully stupid. On the eve of handing in this paper, I discover a valuable resource. Who would have thought it could be so easy? Just typing in the name of a 70-year-old document and actually getting it...? I've done that wishfully so many times before with other things, usually trying to get Google book results for books my library doesn't have. But I never thought it would work for this. OH WELL. Lol... ^^;;


I'll update tomorrow on the condition of my paper. Right now, I'm undertaking the tedious task of fixing up the footnotes.
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March 12th, 2010

09:19 pm - Working on my presentation and an afternoon nap
I am working on my Japanese-Canadian presentation. It's actually going quite well... Although maybe that's a skewed perception. I am very tired, and when I am tired, things seem so brilliant when I write them down.

I went to the public library today to re-borrow "Stone Voices", a book I'd used in my essay. I sat in the foyer for a while reading, and then I dozed off for 15 minutes. It was the most pleasant sleep I've had the past month and a half. No earphones plugged into my ears, the quiet din of the library in the background... It was very nice. When I woke up and began to read again, an incredibly old man who had sat in a chair nearby asked if I had been refreshed by my nap. Hahaha! Indeed I had, I told him.
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March 5th, 2010

07:15 am - Train Wreck
This past week almost defeated me. The weekend was the best ever. Cemetery hunting/puddle wading with Erin and then Olympic hockey on Sunday. Heart pounding fun, but I was SO tense, screaming at the screen and the players... and then the overtime almost KILLED me. Aaa, was that a tear in me eye when I heard de anthem and saw all de boys get der medals? ;) Funny thing is that this is what my mom wrote to me about the game: "It was stressful to watch the hockey game. When they went into overtime, I had to leave. I could not take it. It all worked out in the end." Hahaha, my refined lady of a mother getting into hockey. Still hard to believe.

Monday to last night had me writing furiously, trying to churn out a 25 to 30 page draft for IH to hand in + fix up an abstract for my classmates as an introduction to my presentation (Tuesday). I basically left my home at 8 each morning, worked at the library all day, and left at midnight. Z_Z I came up a little short on the page numbers, as it's only at 15, but the draft isn't being graded. Now I have to get my act together and do this presentation. And then? Repeat the process. ;_; Canadian history draft due Thursday and then the presentation is the following Monday... But once that's done, at least I'll have time to breathe. Then the final push to churn out good copies of these papers.

Last night my mom called to see how handing in my draft had gone, and she pointed out that it was pretty much finished and just needed a few more pages + some polishing. I said "Yeah, and it's not due for another 3 months, so I have plenty of time." There was a silence on the phone. "Three months...?" my mom asked. More silence on the phone. "WOW, I'm tired." said I. And then she laughed at me, saying it was funny cuz she was usually the one making silly mistakes like that.

The weather has been spectacular. Warm, even going up to 6C. The snow is slowly melting. I'm seeing grass for the first time since the first week of December! Tragically, the Rideau Canal closed down last week for the season. I was very upset. I hadn't even tried out my new skates yet. But I've have some time to get over it. I enjoyed being able to walk around outside without freezing, so if I can't skate, I'll walk and run around in this spring-like weather.

But anyway, last Saturday. Fen, you wanted to see wet Ottawa?
Here we go...Collapse )

The work doesn't end, though. Off to the library to do more work. I have this funny feeling in my tummy about the presentation, but I'm not sure that it's just nervousness. I think I'm kind of EXCITED about it. Hahaha! But what I AM nervous about is the preparation for the presentation. It's gonna take some work and some practice over the next 4 days.
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February 23rd, 2010

11:02 am - I have a dream that one day lambs, tigers, and deer will coexist peacefully...
My dream last night:
I went to Riverdale Farm, which was in a building downtown (Toronto?). In the main reception area, there was a little pen set up with a mother sheep and tiny baby lambs that had just been born. It was so cute. I decided to go back home and get my camera. I made special mental note to not use the flash, because the animals needed dim lighting. I went back to the farm, but there was a field trip for elementary school students, so the lambs were no longer in the reception room. They had been moved to a side room, which I happened to stumble upon. The lambs looked bigger than they had before. I also noticed a very strange lamb. It looked like a miniature deer with tiger stripes. I thought, "Wow, there's a one in a million chance getting one of those in the litter." There was a woman there working for the farm (she had a clip board and seemed all official). I turned to her and asked how old the lambs were. She turned to me. "Well, how old are you?" she asked, something in her voice implying that that lambs were older than me. I gave her this "Uh, I think I'm older than those newborn lambs" look, and she corrected herself by saying, "Oh, well, I guess they're younger than you". She told me they were between the ages of 3 and 5 years (even though they were newborns). I then took out my camera and tried to deactivate the flash, but the buttons brought up a menu of options that was different from my usual menu. There didn't seem to be an option for turning the flash off. I didn't want to startle the animals, but I really wanted to take pictures. I think I mumbled something about it to the farm woman, and in response she said, "If you post more than 20 pictures of the farm on the internet, you have to get in touch with the head of the farm and get special permission from her." I laughed and said, "Wow, then I definitely need to call her, because I've posted waaaay more than 20 pictures of the farm in LJ and FB." She didn't seem to hear me because she was observing the animals and writing something down on her clipboard. Then it changed into another dream, but I can't remember. Something about a sleepover and my mom getting angry that I hadn't told her I was having a friend over. (?)

Miniature deer:

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February 11th, 2010

06:24 pm - Rideau 2010: A Trailer
P.S. This is totally what it's like to go skating on the Rideau Canal. 8D <3 I forgot to add this to my previous entry. :P

And oh god... It just occurred to me that the half torn down house may have been destroyed by a fire.

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08:49 am - Messed up Voyager/TNG/Enterprise dream
Ok, Dan.... How's this for sickness-induced dreams?

I was an observer for the dream rather than an active member. Voyager had to go and re-stock its supplies on a planet, but since it was delayed, everyone got jobs on the planet. Dr. Selar (from TNG) was on the planet on a transporter pad, waiting to get back to Voyager. Beside her was another crew member who was another Vulcan. I just realised now that it was T'Pol (from Enterprise). Selar and T'Pol got into an angry argument, and I thought it was very strange to see two Vulcans fighting angrily. T'Pol eventually beamed up to the ship.

Time skipped forward to a few hours later. Kes came to the transporter pad and wanted to beam up to the ship, but then another Kes came along and tried to stop her. She turned out to be Dr. Selar, and she started threatening Kes' life. Then Dr. Selar turned into Seska (in her true Cardassian form). This was shocking because the dream's timeline was in the second season just after Seska had jumped ship and Voyager didn't know if they'd ever see her again. Seska grabbed Kes and held a knife to her, and a Kazon man ran up with a phaser rifle. Then another Kes came along and saw all this happening. She tapped her communicator and yelled, "Emergency transport now!" The two Keses de-materialised just as Seska was stabbing at Kes1 and the Kazon was approaching from in front with the rifle. The two stared at each other (they had actually come pretty close to stabbing/shooting each other) in surprise.

Back up on the ship, everyone was back on the bridge and ready to leave. Chakotay said to Janeway, "See, this is what our lives used to be. We just had regular, exciting jobs from day to day." Hehe, but I knew that as a Maquis, you were not employed on a planet. You ran around and tried to kill Cardassians. XD Then in the dream, I started to choke (and actually, I think an image of a hospital with dozens of beds covered in white sheets flashed in my head), and then I woke up because I was actually unable to breathe in real life due to congestion.

The end.

I'm glad I'm not taking any medicine. Who knows what would happen (and how many more Keses there'd be) in my dreams.

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February 9th, 2010

07:11 am - Erin's breakfast post
In an ancient castle with Erin. 1/2 the dream was in English, 1/2 in Japanese. XD The castle was in Japan, but it was medieval European style. We were staying there for the summer, and a bunch of the teachers I used to work with lived there full time. It was also a high school. Erin was in our room, and I was walking back to go and meet her. I bumped into an old gym teacher (the young, cute one that the students adored XD) and he said something like "Whenever I walk into a room, people think I'm [?]" It might have been "younger than 30", but I'm not sure. I smiled, and kept walking. In the castle was a road, and there was a really narrow part of the road because two cars were parked on either side. It was only wide enough for one car to pass. I was about to go because the sidewalk was blocked, but then 2 cars came from either side. I decided to let them go. They *both* went. :/ And they crashed into each other. They weren't even going that fast, but their fronts accordioned up. ^^; I jumped over to one of the cars as the man opened the door. "Are you okay?!" I asked him. He looked like Emperor Hirohito. He was wearing a suit and a fedora and those round glasses. He smiled like he didn't understand me, so I figured he was all right. I then went over to the other car where there was a woman wearing a dress you would have seen in the 1940s (you know I've been looking at too many photos from the 1940s when dream characters come from these photos... XD). I was about to ask her if she was daijoubu, but she burst out of her car asking me if I was injured anywhere! I said no, and she seemed really relieved. The man and the woman looked at each other and started to laugh, and I thought it was a rather odd reaction to have after a crash that just totalled your car. I continued on my merry way seeing as there was nobody injured.

I got back to our room and Erin was there with someone (not sure who). She got excited and started to show me stuff that she'd bought that afternoon. She'd gone clothes shopping. She pulled out some hideous shirts. One had a pattern split into thirds. One third was flowers, one third tiny red triangles, and the other third polka dots of varying colour. I loved the shirts, though, and I gasped with amazement and said "Wow, Erin, we've got the exact same style!" And then I noticed in the dream that we were wearing matching shirts.

Then we took off to explore the place. There were all sorts of passages and stairways, and it was all dark and grey. I don't remember much of this part, though. And that's about it!

The end.
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December 10th, 2009

04:06 pm - meme
Stoled from shizuka_junko 's journal.

If I came with a warning label, what would it say?

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