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Wow. Getting a simple T4 slip for 1 month of work has never been so… - I, Comrade

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March 16th, 2012

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04:22 pm
Wow. Getting a simple T4 slip for 1 month of work has never been so frustrating. Some people in this world... This is what I've had to deal with at Intact:

January 20th, 2012, I e-mail Greg from HR to let him know of my address change and to please send my T4 there.

No response.

March 1st, 2012 I e-mail to ask if the T4s for 2011 have been sent yet. I remind Greg of my address change and write it out again.

March 1st, 2011 afternoon Greg e-mails back to say that the T4s have been mailed out Tuesday and Wednesday. I will have it within the next few days.

No T4 arrives for 9 days.

March 9th, 2012 I e-mail Greg again to tell him I have not received my T4. I ask him to confirm the address my T4 was sent to. I write out my address again.

March 12, 2012 Greg e-mails back and confirms it was sent to the address I indicated.

Today, March 16th, 2012 I e-mail Greg and tell him I have still not received my T4. I again write out my address for him

Several hours later today, March 16th, 2012, Greg sends me the electronic copy of my T4 and asks me to confirm my address. I download the electronic copy, and of course it has THE WRONG ADDRESS ON IT.

He had written: "Can you confirm your address, if we do not have the correct address we can change it and once the original is returned to us we can mail it to you."

Several minutes later, March 16th, 2012, I e-mail Greg and curtly indicate that the address is incorrect and remind him AGAIN of my correct address.

What kind of buffoonery is this? I was lied to when I asked for confirmation of my address. The address I'd written out was simply copied and pasted back to me without an actual confirmation. Now, I know that people doing paperwork in a company are busy, but properly confirming the address would have saved this man a bunch of e-mails and now a re-send of my T4.

I sent the company my address FOUR times. Not once did they actually confirm it.

If a company is run like this - laziness, dishonesty, and incorrect grammar - then I should be a fucking CEO.

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Date:March 17th, 2012 04:37 am (UTC)

hey commie

they lack common sense, that's all it is, people want to make the money but won't pursue digging into the ground, the best thing is to let this pass you and take it as an experience to show that all companies need to be diligent when having personal information correctly
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Date:March 18th, 2012 03:56 am (UTC)
Daaaamn Commie. That blows bout dem idiots. It's true true reality, HR treats workers as a statistic, that's all. Hope shit works out.

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